About Us

Access Next is here to help you with all of your most challenging problems. By using data, technology and an intuitive strategy, we’re able to help your business go further and achieve things that you didn’t even think were possible. Our primary goal is always to meet the needs of our clients because that’s what matters more than anything else. Once we know what problems you’re trying to solve and which outcomes you’re trying to produce, we can get to work making that happen for you through a variety of different means.


As a modern business that’s keen to use the most cutting edge, proven methods to improve outcomes for your business, you can trust us to help you make your business more competitive going forward. If you’ve been falling behind the competition and you feel things aren’t going as well for you as they once were, we can provide the data driven solutions to those issues and find a path forward. A scattershot approach never produces results, and we know that better than anyone else.


That’s why we go deeper and use data to the advantage of your business. We’re not looking for vague guesses or approximations; we’re about clarity and outcomes. We’ll fuel the growth of your business in the business-to-business market using things like targeting intelligence and smart technology combined with a better approach to your business’s online approach. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Find out more about what Access Next can do for you below.


Karthik Swamy  |

Karthik is an Internet Entrepreneur with 12 years of experience pioneering digital companies and a track record for growing businesses in disruptive markets. Karthik’s passion for digital marketing is infectious and he actively shares his thinking with this team and fellow industry players and online marketers through industry bodies and press. He manages a highly motivated team with an open approach where anyone can share their thoughts and ideas.

Karthik is the chief driving force in spearheading the new initiatives and areas of growth for Access Next. His focus area includes enterprise management of technology assets, Application development strategies and management, Quality assurance and other emerging technology concepts.

Karthik exudes remarkable competence to withstand the challenges in setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics, and culture.

Madhumita Jana |

Madhumita Leads Access Next’s global client facing a team which includes our sales, services, operations and client success organizations. She has created and rapidly evolved the agency’s industry-leading brand strategy, social marketing and emerging digital marketing practices helping the fortune companies. Her career has focused on working with pioneering digital marketing companies to communicate their stories and position them for growth.

Madhumita has a progressive experience in setting spearheaded business unit strategy coordinate with the marketing and operations to elevate organizations profile throughout the business community in order to steadily gain share in the Asian market ensuring that customer needs are appropriately served, A multitude professional. She is also responsible for thoroughly understanding complex end to end customer solutions and making recommendation, estimations, and proposals with a formidable focus on mentoring and grooming young leaders.

Madhumita has been instrumental in creating a culture of openness and transparency and instilling a “never give up” attitude at Access Next!

Pavan Shreerang |

Pavan has plied his craft in all aspects of digital marketing, including paid and Organic search and email and affiliate marketing. He works diligently to ensure that client goals and objectives are translated into highly effective search engine marketing strategies that integrate with other media and help build connected brands. He is responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities both by developing new and existing relationships and internal growth of the organization.

He leads a team of marketers focused on building a world-class brand, executing the industry’s top digital marketing conference, connections and building pipeline to fuel growth and success for the company’s sales team.

With growing experience, Pavan has worked with emerging and multinationals, on developing and executing marketing campaigns ensuring that the cost-effective marketing programs he develops are in line with the individual businesses lead generation and sales objectives