B2B Databases

B2B Databases

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Your guarantee from our data:


98% accuracy guarantee

Verified Calls

170,000+ verification calls are made monthly to refresh the data

Decision Makers

Named senior decision makers across all business functions

TPS Verified

TPS (Telephone Preference Service) Verified

Low Bounce Backs

95% email deliverability on email data

GDPR Compliant

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant

Tailored made contact list – B2B Database


It’s important your data provides the right information to deliver a successful campaign. Our data includes:

Decision Makers

Named Senior Decision Maker(s)

Phone Numbers

Telephone & Employee Mobile Numbers

Contact Details

Email Address and Postal Address

Employee Position

Job Title(s)

SIC Codes

SIC Codes (industry / market sector description)

Company Details

Turnover & Employee Bandings

B2B Database

Database is one of the most important elements of marketing. That’s why at AccessNext, we have gone to great lengths to source the industry’s best data. We can acquire data, cleanse data or create data according to your specific needs. Matching your exact criteria, the output is a fully up to date and accurate B2B Databases.

When you buy one of our email lists for B2B Databases, you’ll have a database of contacts that’ll make up your entire target market. It means you’ll have incredibly valuable intelligence on your audience. You’ll know:

  • The full extent of your market – all the companies that comprise it
  • The detail of each and every one of the companies in your market
  • The information on each person you need to get to know in each company with full contact details



Because your email list is formatted as a segmented database of contacts, you can do a deep dive and explore each segment of your market. For example, you can break up your email list / B2B Databases by:

B2B Databases
  • Region
  • Company revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Sub-industries
  • Specific job titles
  • Industry code

A segmented email list of B2B Databases will help you explore what they’re interested in

You want to find an energy of intensity. What keeps them awake at night, dreaming or fretting, what do they care about the most? You’re looking for a way into a conversation with them that they will love you for because you’ve hit on a pet subject of theirs or enlightened them on something that matters to them. This is exactly what we do in our content marketing service.
Some of the popular categories of our marketing list include:

  • Technology Users List
  • Healthcare Email Database
  • Geo-Targeted Mailing Lists
  • Professional Email Addresses
  • Industry-wise Mailing List



You can only go deeper when you’ve found your perfect audience. And buying a bespoke email list OR B2B Databases that covers your entire target market allows you to do that.

You need the best-fit audience if you want to go deeper. Our team works with you to develop the criteria for a highly targeted business list that makes sense to you. We build it uniquely for you.

If you get your audience wrong, even slightly, no amount of analysis on what they’re interested in is going to yield valuable insights.

You’ll keep finding mismatches in B2B Databases, they don’t actually need what you’re offering, they’re a bit tepid about the problem your product addresses, it doesn’t address their most pressing problems. You can’t engage them easily, you can’t nurture them, you can’t increase the value of your product, and you can’t close them. And if you do sell to them, they’ll be the ones who complain.

So finding your ideal audience, in a decent size sample, that you can break down and examine in detail, will get you the right database on how to approach them, how to nurture them and how to have more satisfied customers. A decent size sample can be several thousand, which may be the entirety of your market.

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