Data Appending

Data Appending

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Transform Your Existing Contacts Into a Powerhouse

Do you want to vastly improve your marketing potential by enhancing the value of your contact database with B2B Data Appending?

Appending missing data can mean:

  • Multiple channels to communicate with your contacts
  • A new way of segmenting your contacts into specific audiences through B2B Data Appending
  • The potential to analyze your contacts’ responses in relation to these specific audiences


The first step in Data Appending

The first step in B2B Data Appending is to append missing emails to your contacts. This is the most powerful way to improve your communications. Emails are less intrusive than phone calls, yet ideal for immediate calls to action. Your prospect may not welcome phone calls when their priority is to deal with their patients or customers. But they may be happy to receive an email which provides a click through to your website when they are relaxed and open to the information.

Emails allow for simple regular communications which will build the awareness of your brand and services in your prospects’ minds, for the moment they need your solution. Email campaigns also make prospect responses easy to track, record and analyze. Whether you are developing brand awareness or converting leads into sales, feedback from email campaign responses is measurable and can contribute to reshaping your content for better results. Appending the data in your email contacts can boost your conversion too.

Data Appending


The second step in Data Appending

The second step in B2B Data Appending is to append other basic information, including, but not limited to, company size, geographic location, and industry. This will transform your database into an extraordinarily powerful, flexible, analytical tool that situates each of your contacts in a meaningful market segment.

For example, if the response rate from pharmacies within your database reveals an exceptional interest in your service offering from this segment, it may suggest that you should concentrate more business energy on expanding to supply pharmacies across the globe. And Appending the existing B2B data can help you with that.
In the past, you may have only been able to use assumptions and hunches to guide you in your marketing, but a segmented database provides the capability of collecting hard data to back up your proposals.

Appending both email and other missing data in B2B contacts is likely to improve your communications with prospects and increase your ability to analyze your markets, shape your content and direct your business expansion.

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