Email marketing is Still at the Top of this game for Lead Generation

Email marketing in lead generation
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Email marketing is Still at the Top of this game for Lead Generation:


Email marketing is not only important for building relationships with prospects, current customer accounts, and even past customer accounts but also its still one of the Top ways to generate Leads.
The recent study shows, 70% of general public uses electronic communications for their day to day business and buying habits have become intensely digital. Mass postal-mail marketing campaigns have been replaced by email marketing campaigns for lead generation.

Whenever we talk about generating leads through email marketing, it is important to understand What is lead generation?


Ideally, Lead generation is a set of online techniques and tactics to identify potential customers/subscribers for your business. A “Lead” is typically a person who has an interest in your products/services.
It is the initiation of customer interest or inquiry about the products/services of a business that can be acquired through an effective email campaign, lead capture forms, newsletter etc.

Email marketing has long been a reliable platform for generating leads. This approach continues to enjoy a strong track record in spite of the rise of social media platforms. Email marketing is still at the top of this game!


1. Design your Email campaign/Content which gets the result

Today, no one has time to read lengthy emails. Everyone looks for short and crisp & effective content. One of the first things I have learned about email marketing campaigns is to see the email from a customer’s perspective. Starting from the subject lines to the content of the email, if you want to grab his attention, the content should be meaningful to his requirements and the design and content and subject headlines should be relevant, interesting and genuine. Sometimes, Images or visuals work better than the text content of the email. Though that varies from one email campaign to another.

Secondly, use short and relevant subject lines. Your subject lines should reflect the purpose/agenda of the email, you can also add some urgency to it. (Ex. Last Hours sale, Limited stock)
A decent subject line should be between 30-50 characters. This is one of the useful email marketing trends opted in 2018.


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Keep your emails short and crisp. A well-communicated & uncluttered email is always professional, its an important factor in deciding your customers perspective on your offer. Be cognizant of your purpose. Each of your emails should have a clear goal such as educating your customer, asking for referrals or getting them to follow your company’s social media platforms.

Engage your readers with meaningful & relevant content. It’s always best to approach your customer with an up-front style and state the purpose of your email clearly along with how it can assist them.
Keep your email fonts large and easy-to-read style. Your readers may be people who constantly read while they are on the go and/or may have poor eyesight. You will want them to be able to read and scan the email very quickly.

Always conclude your email with a clear call-to-action section. Because in the end, if you did get their attention, it should be very easy for them to know the “next step” on how to contact you.


2. Transform your Cold Leads from Other sources through Your Email Campaign

Well, there are many ways to capture initial leads interest. It can be from Website traffic, PPC Ads, Blogs, or online lead capture forms. However, You can use a customized email campaign to transform these cold leads to warm and sales-ready.


Make sure, all your cold leads from other sources are categorized based on their interest and use several email chains which are customized to their interest in order to certify their interest and categorize them as “warm leads”. This is an important step to place your warm leads into sales funnel to make it sales-ready.


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3. Blogs are important, use them to Generate Leads through Email Campaign

Blogs are not only a great source of leads but also can be used as lead generation techniques through an email campaign. Most prospects love informative blog articles. You can regularly use your blog content to send them informative and related articles for their business.
This can help your prospect not only get information relevant to their business but also primes the prospect for a call to action asking them if they want you to call them.


4. Email campaigns channelize the Warm leads to ultimate sales

Once you have the list of warm leads, these require personalized treatment. You need to nurture the relationship to make it a little warmer/hot. Email campaign comes handy in this case.
You can include the client’s reference/testimonial to gain credibility. From Warm leads to ultimate sales require careful and effective steps. Also, with all the relative assistance, You can always use discount offers to move the lead closer to the ultimate sale.


5. Try A/B email testing for each campaign

It’s always best to test your campaigns through A/B testing and analyze the results. These results will help you understand the behavior of your potential clients and act accordingly.
You can test the campaigns with minor changes such as color, designs, graphics, call to actions, etc. with the same agenda to target the audience.



As I have discussed above, it’s important to know Email campaign is not only effective as an isolated lead generation tool but also used for customized leads converter for leads from other sources as well.
It’s important to know, though there are many new methods to generate leads, The best marketing campaigns use several marketing forms simultaneously.
The key is to understand your purpose, design an effort to target right customers and learn and evolve from the result.


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