Integrate Microsoft Power BI as a Business Intelligence Solution

Microsoft Power BI Business Intelligence
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Microsoft Power BI to manage your Business | The Business Intelligence Solution

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence service which transforms your business data information into lucid, outwardly vivid, and intuitive bits of knowledge. Power BI is proposed for little too fair size entrepreneurs with the capability to –

  • Gather data
  • Shape the data
  • Visualize the data, for better business management and Insight

Microsoft Power BI lets you effortlessly interface with your information sources.  And let you share that with your Colleagues and Clients. It is a Self-service free business Intelligence solution with a little bit of knowledge in Microsoft Excel with no technical Skills required.

Microsoft Power BI Plans that meet your Business Requirement


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How to Manage a Clean Database for the Integration and Vivid Insight


The Microsoft Power BI Service is available in three formats namely –

Power BI Desktop – Which is a desktop application for Windows 10, primarily used in making the first Report.

Service Power BI  – This is a web-based Software as a Service(SaaS), used in order to manage and share the report.

Power BI Mobile  –  This is a Mobile Application for Android and iOS, used to track the report status and interaction with the shared person.


Basic Steps to Build Report in Power BI

Connect Data → Shape Data →Build Report


Features of Microsoft Power BI are – 

  • Common workflow strategy to manage all the projects
  • Quick data connection and integration
  • APIs Integration with other software products
  • Share the report with the concerned Person
  • Track and interact with the client and colleague on the shared report



  • Infinite Visual customization provision
  • Easy merge or Append the listings


Need Business Intelligence Integration for your Business? 


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