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Power BI Service
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Power BI Service Concept

Since you are at this Power BI Service section post, we assume that you are a veteran in Power BI Desktop. If you are new or have any doubt regarding Power BI Desktop then please visit  – Everything about Power BI Desktop! 


Prerequisite – Working Knowledge on Power BI Desktop


In this section, we will learn about

  Quick Overview on Power BI Service

♠ Getting Data 

Exploring the Dataset

♠ Making report and Dashboard

♠ Sharing the report and track the new content


Quick Overview on Power BI Service

This is the web-based version of Power BI on which we can share our reports made on Power BI Desktop. This is one of the most used SaaS (Software as a Service) application for business analytics. In order to use this online service, we must have an account at https://app.powerbi.com. For the first time when you sign in to your Power BI account, you will find a dashboard. On the dashboard, we will find the applications and tools that we need to make the visualization perfect.

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Getting the Dataset in Power BI Service

Now, the next step after sign-in is to get some data inside your dashboard. In order to insert Data, we have four default option. These are –

Power BI Service

  • Get the Data from previously uploaded content from your Colleague
  • Discover Data from online services like – Google Analytics, JIRA, Microsoft Azure, Github and many more
  • Upload an Excel file from your local computer in Power BI Service dashboard
  • Get the Dataset from the Database you are using through getting Database in Microsoft Power BI Service.

Now, since your data is ready, let’s move to the next phase

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Exploring the Dataset in Power BI Service

Now, we have the Dataset with us, we are ready to explore the Data and segregate it in our own terms. Inside the Microsoft Power BI Service Dashboard, we can arrange the Dataset according to our need.

We can add/remove rows and columns in the Data table inside Microsoft Power BI Service. We can merge two Dataset as per our report requirements. In this step, we work on the Data and make it our own.


Making report and Dashboard in the Microsoft Power BI Service 

As we have our required Dataset with us, we are now ready to move to the next step. That is to create our visualization report and then making the report dashboard.Microsoft Power BI Service

In this stage, we make individual visualizations of the dataset separately as per the report need. After the data visualization is done we merge the individual reports in one page and make the report dashboard as shown in the image. To do this simply drag the data item fields in the canvas and your dashboard report will be ready instantly.


Sharing the report and track the new content in Microsoft Power BI Service

Now we are ready to showcase our report dashboard to our client and colleague. In order to share a specific report follow the following simple steps.

File → Publish to Web → Get unique sharing code to share over Email or publishing shortcode in a webpage.

And we just have created and shared the report made on Microsoft Power BI Service.

To get Power BI Service, click here and fill up the online form. In the next post, we will discuss Microsoft Power BI Mobile.

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