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Power BI Mobile
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Basics on Microsoft Power BI Mobile

As you are comfortable with Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, we can now move to Power BI Mobile.

We know that we can create the reports on Desktop Power BI.  Create and view the Report Dashboard on Power BI Service. And, on Mobile Power BI we can view and interact with the report Dashboards.

Power BI MobileThere are apps for all kind of Mobile and tablet. Let it be iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Apple Watch), Android phone or tablet, or Windows 10 device.


In the Mobile App, you can avail all your shared reports.

In this post, we will discuss the basic steps of using Power BI on your mobile device.

Prerequisite – Microsoft Power BI Account and App installed in the Mobile phone.

→ Install the Power BI Application

→ Sign in with your Device

→ Viewing Dashboard in Mobile App

→ Cleaning Up unnecessary report


Install the Power BI Application and Login in Power BI Mobile

Install the mobile app from the application store and sign in with your login credentials. The login ids and password are same as of the Powe BI Service in the browser.


Viewing Dashboard in Power BI Mobile App 

Steps to look at the report dashboard –


Tap on the main navigation button → Tap on Workspace → Tap on My Workspace → Select the Report you want to interact with.


If you want to get a landscape view then simply tap on the iconPower BI Mobile in the report for a better and bigger view.

If you want to share the report from Mobile Power BI app, then find the share button at the upper right corner of the App.


Tap Share→ Fill Email Address/ Addresses → Tap Send.


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