The content strategy of the Email Marketing Campaign

Email Campaign Content
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The content strategy of the Email Marketing Campaign


In our previous post, we learned about the Subscriber list hack to increase the open rate. In this section, we will discuss the content of your Email campaign for maximum benefit.


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  • Start with a vibrant subject line
  • Speak directly to your customers, make it personal
  • Personalize Emails with your first name
  • Keep your Email content precise and to the point
  • Timing is Everything
  • Target Your customers with welcoming Email chain


Email Campaign Content Strategy 1# Start with a vibrant subject line

This is the basic and most important thing of an email. We already have a insightful writing on the Email Subject line. You can Read it here-  Writing  Powerful Email Subject Line.


Email Campaign Content Strategy 2#  Speak directly to your customers, make it personal

Speak one to one. Since you will be sending thousands of Emails at a time don’t generalize the content.  Write it as you are sending to only one.


For Example: “40 % discount to our subscriber” will get less open rate than  “Hey Ray, 40% discount on your next buying ”

Talk to the subscriber in a way that will connect.


Email Campaign Content Strategy 3# Personalize Emails with your first name

We ignore emails that come from a company name. The reason is simple, we think it to be associated with some advertisement and marketing policy.

Using a real name give us the edge of feeling a personal connection and the open rate increased abruptly.


Email Campaign Content Strategy 4# Keep your Email content precise and to the point

Don’t put everything in one mail.  Just promise your reader something more valuable and interesting in the next mail you will be sending.

So, when they next observe your email fly into their inbox, they’ll be quick to open it and discover what you’ll show them next!


Email Campaign Content Strategy 5# Timing is Everything

Time your Email content including follow-ups. Choose the best timing and day for the best open rate. You can decide it by experimenting with your subscriber list. Its different in a different list. Just find yours and go with that.


Email Campaign Content Strategy 6# Target Your customers with welcoming Email chain

The most and best engaging audience is the new subscribers. Right after the subscription send a series of 5 to 6 emails. And, in this email,  welcome them in your subscriber list and tell them about your service or product.

Give them an insight into how you are going to help them and how you will be interacting with them. This is how your subscriber will know what to expect from you and when. So, they will be ready to look for your emails.


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