4 Hacks to increase the Email open rate for your Existing Subscribers

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4 Hacks to increase the Email open rate for your Existing Subscribers


In our previous article 5 Tips on Writing Powerful Email Subject Line, we have explained about the power of a subject line in Email marketing. In this article, we will talk about 4 powerful subscriber list hacks that will give you the optimum Email open rate.

I assure you that, this article will help you to increase your email open rate for your existing Clients/Subscribers. So, Let’s get started with the list of hacks,

  • Remove Passive subscribers from the list
  • Cleanse your existing database and append it with new and updated information (i.e email address)
  • Let subscriber pick what message they get and when (at the time of their sign up)
  • Segment your Subscribers by their interest and execute email campaigns accordingly


Email open rate hack #1 – Remove Passive Subscriber from your list

The first and foremost work before finalizing the list is to remove the inactive emails from your list. It will give you a nice Email open rate. Because numbers are nothing unless they open the emails. Quality does matter rather than the quantity of subscriber list.

Focus on quality maintenance of your Email list before spending money and time. If you want to gain a decent Email open rate and check what’s wrong with the list, then choose the email address that did not open your emails for over the past 6 months. Ask them the reason nicely and give them the option to opt out. It will provide you a healthy subscriber list.


Email open rate hack #2 – Cleanse your existing database and append it with new and updated information (i.e email address)

Check and correct all the spelling mistakes in your list. This is a simple and easy way to get some more open.

For example– There may be “gmal” written instead of “gmail”, “Yaaho” instead of “yahoo”. So, correct this spelling errors and I am sure you will not miss your potential sales.


Email open rate hack #3 –  Let subscriber pick what message they get and when (at the time of their sign up)

At the beginning only when you are building your list, make sure to let them choose how often they want to receive emails. Provide the option in the lead capture form.

For Example – 

  • How often they want to receive the email
  • They want to get offer update or only new blog post updates

It will make your list easy to use and productive in terms of your goal.


Email open rate hack #4 – Segment your Subscribers by their interest and execute email campaigns accordingly

One of the most compelling reasons for a low open rate is that messages just aren’t significant to the subscriber.

Segment your list in terms of

  • Geographic location
  • Interest
  • Purchase behavior
  • Engagement

And of course, you can add your own segmentation behavior as per your business needs. The key idea is to send relevant emails as per the subscriber needs.

Try these 4 subscriber list hacks in your next email campaign to see the growth in open rate. If you have any more idea on subscriber list please write down on the comment section below.

5 Tips on Writing Powerful Email Subject Line

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5 Tips on Writing  Powerful Email Subject Line:


Email Marketing has become a new and essential marketing solution to expand your business. Let’s face it, Email marketing is not only easy and instantly reach your ideal buyers with your products/services. However, a poor subject line can drastically change that. When an email reaches the inbox, a subject line is what a person sees at first, and often that’s the deciding factor in whether you open the email or delete without reading!


We all have that moment when we look at the subject line and think of it as possible SPAM or even a Virus of any kind. Hence, the result of it becomes the email being deleted without a read! So, the success of an email campaign is hugely depending on its subject line. We have comprised 5 Tips for Writing Powerful Email Subject Lines:


1. Your target audience is most important:


When you are drafting an email subject line, the most important factor is your target audience. You must keep in mind who your audience is and why you want to reach them. If you are trying to make a sale or offering a promotion, your subject line should reflect the value or purpose of your email.


Here’s an example from Ola (ride-sharing app), promoting a new discounted price.

Their subject line reads “Commute for up to 45% less with Ola Share.”

And as an Ola user, I already know what this email contains & how it benefits me.


2. Personalize your Subject Lines:


Personalize your email and subject lines with Name or Locations. Research has found a personalized email with a person’s First Name has a higher open rate than the generic emails with no name. Everyone loves the sound of their own name. Plus, it increases open and clicks rates. Not only in the email text but including the name in a subject line is a key way of improving the open rates and ultimately, traffic to your website as well.


Another personalization tactic that works is to customize subject lines to the recipient’s location or Company name! Just don’t go overboard with the personalization, the entire point is to show that you know more about your recipients than just their email address,


Examples include:


Tim, Kindly look into it

Ola – Offering you 50% off on your commute

Lisa, Key IT decision makers


Useful Article from our Desk – Email marketing is Still at the Top of this game for Lead Generation


3. Asking a compelling question:


A key question which we often call as “Pain point” is the best way to engage with your target audience. If you start your email with the question which is relevant to your target audience, the recipient will read the question in their head and automatically answer it. This means you have grabbed their attention more often than not.


However, the question has to be relevant and beneficial to your recipients. This is especially true when the question you ask is relevant to the industry you are broadcasting to.


For example, if you are targeting HR managers from Recruitment agencies, asking a question about increasing their sales by providing the corporates looking for recruitment solutions would definitely catch their attention.


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4. Subjects lines that communicate urgency or scarcity:


Subject lines with an element of urgency or scarcity encourage the recipient to act quickly. Research has found that urgency leads to higher open and click-through rates. If you are having a sale, try a subject line such as “30% off – Sale ending today EOD” or ‘Don’t miss out 30% of all database.


With the possibility of missing out on lower prices or the business running out of stock, recipients act faster so there is less risk of an email sitting around being forgotten about. It’s typically the FOMO tactics! Also known as the “fear of missing out.”

Act now or miss out on the deal.


5. Beware of ALL CAPS or overusing exclamation points!!!


A subject line that says, “OPEN NOW AND GET A FREE SAMPLE” or, “50% off on all database today!!!!!!!!” , “ACT NOW!!!” isn’t going to get your email opened. In fact, it’ll probably get your email ignored or marked spammed.

Why? It’s a very aggressive technique, which can rub people the wrong way. Also, Using Capital letters and/or a lot of exclamation points means you are shouting at the recipient.


This comes back to what we mentioned above regarding symbols and emojis. If your email and subject lines scored higher on SPAM testing software, your email is likely to hit the junk box or result in a delivery failure. And that can cause a large percentage of your target recipients never seeing the email.

These email tactics are disruptive & can result in very low open and clicks rate, which is obviously far from the goal you must have set.

So instead of using disruptive tactics like these to stand out, try customizing your emails, establishing relevancy, and using effective and delightful language.




Combination of these 5 tips can help you in creating interesting subject lines, which will improve the performance of your email campaign. The goal is to increase the clickthrough rates by the interesting subject lines. This will result in connecting with more leads and higher engagement with clients as we all more traffic to the website.


At AccessNext, we specialize in executing email campaigns. We assist in executing email campaigns in both B2B & Consumer segments.

We integrate our knowledge and experience with you to build the most unique email campaign for your company. These campaigns are designed from scratch, from designing the email templates to creating multiple subject lines to choose from.


Get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your email marketing requirements with you.


About the Author :

Madhumita Jana  


Keep an Error free Database Contact List

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How to build and keep an Error free Database Contact List

Information administration is anything but a one time task; it’s progressing and includes each client in the organization. That being stated, the issue with robotized forms is that there’s little human touch included. That is the reason quality Database contact list is absolutely critical.


When you center on customizing your advertising, you require certainty that the information you’ve gathered is exact. Deception in Database Contact List implies misled battles, bringing about withdraws and leads being killed by your image.


Following these tips below will guarantee your database is the amazing showcasing device it tends to be.


Recognize what’s essential to record – Learn the first Step of Creating Your own Database Contact List

Particularly if various divisions require access to the database, your association may require a lot of information on Database. Make a rundown of information of Contact list that are vital crosswise over storehouses.


Importance of Streamline the fields in making the Database Contact List 

There will be cover crosswise over divisions, for example, essential contact data, so begin by keeping it straightforward. Do you truly require fields for business telephone, work telephone, and office telephone? Likely not. Do the cleanup work important to expel excess or obsolete information.


Appoint Database Manager for your New and Existing Contact List 

Figure out who in every division or inside the organization will be in charge of administering the information. What happens when we need to add another field to the database? Whom do you contact, and what is the endorsement procedure?

Assign somebody with consistently assessing the contacts and fields their area of expertise is in charge of to guarantee they’re progressive.


Build up Database convention for qualities in your Contact List 

Drop-down menus can kill errors in how information is being record, at the same time, build up a few principles on how data will be entered so these fields are accessible and useable.


Key point to maintain the Error free Database- Frequently audit for exactness

Indeed, even with very much prepared colleagues getting to and refreshing the database, there is still space for human mistake. Build up an arrangement that diagrams who is in charge of observing passages for copy leads or incorrect spellings.

Learn about Data Appending


The final and most critical for your Contact Database List is to do Rundown division

Use your advertising to set up unique records to naturally portion your contacts as per channels so you don’t need to do this physically. At that point, information division will deal with itself as information is tidied up or included.


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Get more out of your B2B Database – All about B2B contact list !

Reading Time: 2 minutes

All about B2B Contact Lists | Get best Out Of Your B2B Database

For B2B advertisers, the database or the Contact List is one of the most essential resources. Regardless of whether the data will be use to run cold pitch battles or utilizing Email Pitch to achieve leads. In addition to the fact that it is imperative to have a perfect database with amazing data so you have precise contact data.

But then, numerous B2B Database organizations battle with keeping their information clean and records precise.


Information quality Of Contact List – Only a perfect B2B Database

While center in the past has been on guaranteeing that the data is up and coming, the present advertising scene requests more from a B2B database. Presently it’s basic to incorporate the contact list crosswise over showcasing. It will maintain a strategic distance from repetition and give a coordinated affair for the customer.

But at the same time it’s critical to use mechanized procedures to include the information, parse for what’s vital, and utilize prescient investigation to make suspicions about leads. That being stated, the issue with robotized forms is that there’s little human touch included. That is the reason quality contact data is absolutely critical.


How to get best out of your Existing B2B Database | Contact List Update Ideas

Instead of be immersed with the information you could gather from your leads, make an arrangement for building up what you truly care about.   Guaranteeing your current Data information is spotless and clean. If you need the improvement then follow the given below Database Cycle:

Collected DataAppend ItCleanseValidate the Data

Great quality information in Database has valuable effects on associations:

Basic leadership: The better the information quality, the more certainty clients will have in the yields they create, bringing down hazard in the results and expanding productivity.

Profitability: Good-quality information enables staff to be more beneficial.

Showcasing: Better information empowers more precise focusing on and correspondences.